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Tongxiang Local Special Products Co.,Ltd.
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        You are welcome to visit this site, Chrysanthemum sale online marketing system has been opened. You are welcome to come and buy wholesale.  
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  Tongxiang Local Special Products Co.,Ltd.
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      Tongxiang Local Special Products Co.,Ltd. is the leading agricultural enterprises. HANGZHOU WHITE CHRYSANTHEMUM is the company's main acquisition, processing and marketing. Chrysanthemum a processing plant, cold storage at about 8500 square meters, is the production Tongxiang Chrysanthemum one of the largest enterprises.

      The company has a pollution-free Chrysanthemum base 8000 acres. Provincial Agriculture Department has been recognized as "free"base of agricultural products, the adoption of a unified national mark of the first pollution-free agricultural products certification. Chrysanthemum companies to make full use of resources, selection of production process secret agents "Fengming," Chrysanthemum card products to superior quality in 2098, in 2002 Zhejiang Agriculture Expo on Agricultural Products Quality Gold Award was named......